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50th Class Reunion
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MEMO for Class of '74 classmates:
  1.) has your contact information changed? If so; please update
[ i.e. e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, name change... ]
  2.) upcoming 50th Class Reunion [ 2024 ]

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| Class of '74 Veterans |

Do we have your name / branch of service listed on our tribute to veterans?
If not; please let us know.

DECEASED classmates in chronological order by year.

See where your high school classmates are now living:


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 to report the death of a classmate 

please contact Randy Malone '71

Note: Our best way to communicate with classmates is through e-mail and this website. We send out e-mails from time-to-time and is the preferred way to reach classmates in a timely manner. Do we have your current contact information on file?

If not, please fill out the add / update form.


Administrator Notes:

For website issues; please contact Billy Gauthier
[ website design / administrator ] phone 512.914.2394

Not Without

Not without honor
We shall always be
True to our colors
Symbols of our unity
Spirit and victory
Bonds which
strongly tie
Our hearts and
minds together
Live with Honor
Reagan High!


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Not Without Honor!
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