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Reagan High School

R e m e m b e r w h e n ?

Class Reunion Photos:
Note: photos courtesy of classmates, families, and friends...

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1974 - A nostalgic look back in time!

* 1974 - Remember When...
L i v i n g
◊ New House   $34,900.00
◊ Average Income   $13,869.00 per year
◊ Minimum Wage   $2.00 an hour
◊ New Car   $3,756.00
◊ Average Rent   $185.00 per month
◊ Tuition to Harvard University   $3,200.00 per year
◊ Movie Ticket   $1.75 each
◊ Gasoline   55¢ per gallon
◊ United States Postage Stamp   10¢ each

F o o d
◊ Granulated Sugar   67¢ for 5 pounds
◊ Vitamin D Milk   $1.56 per gallon
◊ Ground Coffee   $1.00 per pound
◊ Bacon   89¢ per pound
◊ Eggs   47¢ per dozen
◊ Fresh Ground Hamburger   68¢ per pound
◊ Fresh Baked Bread   35¢ per loaf

M u s i c
◊ Band on the Run by Paul McCartney & Wings
◊ Bennie and the Jets by Elton John
◊ Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
◊ I Shot the Sheriff by Eric Clapton
◊ Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
◊ Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks
◊ Country Bumpkin by Cal Smith
◊ I Love by Tom T. Hall

M o v i e s
◊ The Godfather Part II
◊ Blazing Saddles
◊ The Sting
◊ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
◊ The Towering Inferno

T h i n g s   n o t   a r o u n d   i n   1 9 7 4
◊ Internet / E-mail
◊ Home Computers
◊ Cordless / Mobile Phones
◊ ATM / Debit Card
◊ Walmart - had not entered Texas

* 1974 Remember When... facts provided with permission of Seek Publishing.
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Reagan High School Songs 
[ courtesy of unknown artists ]

Do you remember when we went to drive-in theaters to watch movies in our cars? :-)

Showtown USA Drive-In

8100 Cameron Rd.
Austin, TX 78754

Note: Closed and torn down. Area now a business office park.

Chief Drive-In

5600 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78702

Note: Closed and torn down. Now occupied by various businesses.

drive-in theater


' Life is a journey, not a destination. '
Ralph Waldo Emerson

reagan football helmet

The Boys Of Fall.
by Kenny Chesney

For the first two decades of its existence, Austin Reagan hosted a highly successful football program. Under coaches Travis Raven, Carroll Lundin and Wally Freytag, the Reagan Raiders formed a dynasty in Texas high school football from 1967 to 1994. In 1967, 1968 and 1970 the Raiders won Texas state championships as well as being declared national champions by then-US President Richard M. Nixon in 1970. Since the mid-80's, however, the downturn in the economic levels of the neighborhoods that feed students into Reagan has resulted in a drop in athletic performance records in all sports. <Wikepedia>

Nelson Field is a multi-use stadium in Austin, Texas. It serves as home stadium for LBJ High School, Anderson High School, and John H. Reagan High School. The stadium's capacity is 8,800 spectators. <Wikepedia>


Class 4A - State Football Champions '67 / '68 / '70

Championship Finals:

Austin Reagan
Abilene Cooper
Austin Reagan
Odessa Permian
Austin Reagan
Odessa Permian

appleOur teachers who taught at Reagan High School 1971-1974.

Reagan High School Yearbook Covers:
1971 Reagan High yearbook cover
1972 Reagan High yearbook cover
1973 Reagan High yearbook cover
1974 Reagan High yearbook cover

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Note: If you have an unwanted copy of one or more of these yearbooks above, please contact Billy Gauthier.

School Photos:

John H. Reagan High School - Austin, TX  
- photos courtesy of Debbie Southworth-Warren...
Reagan High School

Performing Arts Building

Athletics Building  
- photos courtesy of Public Domain...        

Senior Class of '74 Honors:
graduation cap & diploma
President - Bill Frost
Vice-President - Johna Hill
Secretary - Karen Preston
Valedictorian - Bob Byrom
Salutatorian - Karen Vavra
Mr & Miss Reagan
  - Kent Tooley & Karen Preston
Homecoming Court

- Pam Collins [ Queen ]
- Dana Latz
- Karen Preston
- Lillie Hardeman
- Terri Foster

Class Favorites
  - Noel Love & Karen Preston
Most Beautiful
  - Tonia Cooke / Class of '75
Most Handsome
  - Sidney Patterson / Class of '75

47 years ago

Austin, Texas
Not Without Honor!

# 1

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Remember using this?
- r o t a r y  dial phone -

Not Without Honor!
◊ Background music courtesy of Alan Jackson - Remember When.  

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